Monday, February 1, 2016

Island Hopping at Lapu-Lapu with my new SJCam5000.+

I've been so caught up with trying to move on with my life after a failed relationship that I forgot how it feels to be carefree.  I am moving on and letting go and I wanted to re organize my life and live it just the way I want it without having to think of other people first.

My second adventure for this year is island hopping at Lapu-Lapu with my friends. I was so excited since I get to use my new action camera. It has an under water casing so I get to video anything under water within 20 feet. I love it, below are the pictures I got from Olango and Nalusuan Island. Enjoy!

life had it's gleam of sunshine

Empty your mind, be formless like the water..

the sun will always shine before you.. don't give up

be still. RELAX

Below is a video I took using the sjcam. I so love it,