Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rope Challenge and Joy Ride to Busay, Cebu

It's been a long time since I went out and had some fun with my friends. It's been a hard two months for me, struggling with stress at work and private life issues. I've been focusing on you for quite some time, and after everything we've been through, I guess it wasn't enough.

My life's 13 years worth down the drain. Like they said, "let go if you have to, if you have given your best and he's still not satisfied then he is not worth it."

Anyways, back to the main topic. My friends and I went to Mountain View Resort and enrolled on a Rope Challenge. I thought it was just an easy activity, but when I went up and started the course, I said to myself, "can I do this?". My friends are so small and slim, they can do it, but me? "Shit, what did I get myself into?". 

A bit panicked, I just laughed and started to walk on a square piece of wood hanged by ropes, just one step at a time. The first challenge was easy, no biggie on my part. 

The second challenge are long woods hanged by ropes. A bit challenging, but I had no problems with it, I was able to cross it without an issue.

But I spoke too soon, the next challenge were ropes made into a net. All three of my friends are already across it and they were just waiting for me to cross it. "You can do it, you can do it", I said to myself. I did it, but Oh the effort! 

The next challenge is a zip line, just 2-3 meters away. No challenge there!

The fifth one is very, very and I mean very challenging, that's when I told them that I give up. The next challenge are tires hanged by ropes, you have to go across the line of tires. I was almost half way when I felt the pain on the shoulders and upper arms. I started to palpitate, God, if they knew I have a heart condition, but I wanted to keep that to myself. I thought I'm going to die up there. I told my friends that they can continue to the next challenge without me and I will just rest for a while, but no. They waited for for me on what seemed like forever, they continue to shout at me on what to do to get across. The problem was that the shoes I was wearing is not built for the activity. My shoes slides as I step on each tire. The gloves I'm using would slip when I hold on to the rope. But after awhile I got the hang of it but wow, it was the slowest and longest 15 minutes of my entire life. But I told them I wanted to continue the tire challenge and don't want to give up just yet.

I rested for a while and thought I could do the next challenge, which is a series of swings. Sharon, the first challenger said to step on each swing at a time because it will swing if I step on both feet. So I did. I smiled so hard knowing I did it. I congratulated myself.  But after I saw the next challenge, which are woods shaped like a cross, about 5-8 cross all in all. You have to go through them each one. I told myself, I can't do it anymore. My hands are aching and shaking at the same time. I told "kuya", "sana nilagyan nyo nang babala na over weights are not allowed". LOL! They just laughed,

I told them I'm giving up, so they rappelled me just to get down from the towers. I wanted to kiss the ground and stay there! But I patted myself since at least I was able to go through a few of the challenge. Lesty gave up as well. She's afraid of heights too!

We waited for my other 2 friends to finish the challenge. And so we went on a Joy Ride to Balamban right after. The view was breathtaking since it was sundown. The color of the clouds was just amazing. Below is the video I took on the said ride.

I am so thankful that I get to join my friends and have some fun. I've been so caught up with everything that it feel depressed for the longest time. Thanks Lesty, Nice and Sharon. Sa uulitin!