Friday, February 27, 2015

Rancho Cancio

Went out of town for the weekend to celebrate a friend of mine's birthday! Whenever it's his birthday, it's always been a bongga celebration and I always love it. I get to go out and have fun with my friends. Although I am not close to some of them, but we have spent time before while traveling to different places to party.

This time we went to Busay.

See the view? So in nature and refreshing! Infinity pool with the view of the city lights! Plus, the night air is just so cold and damp. It makes you want to take a plunge. That is if you want get chilled, literally!

 Time to lay back, relax and enjoy it while I can!

Met this cute doggie and got to play with him for awhile! I have always been a dog person, I got a soft spot for them in my heart and just seeing them so cute makes my heart melt!

To get to Rancho Cancio, click this link using your android mobile phone  and it should open your google maps app. This should help you navigate to get to the Ranch.