Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gaisano Bowlingplex

Location: Gaisano Country Mall Bowlingplex
Parking Lot II, Banilad Cebu City, Philippines

36 Synthetic Bowling Lanes
12 Billiard Tables
4 Dart Board
Family Karaoke
Basketball Court

Tel. No. 6332-2327170
Operation starts at 12:00nn to 12:00 mn

Spent my birthday at SM City Cebu. Hubby brought me to a restaurant and had dinner. Then we went bowling, played some billiards and  watched a movie. A perfect day it was!

I have always enjoyed bowling since I was in high school. My best friend and I spent our Saturday afternoons bowling at SM Cebu. It was fun and we started to get the hang of it. Until my friend went to the US. I didn't have any other friends who I can play with so I stopped.

Anyways, we had so much fun playing that my husband suggested going to the Bowlingplex the next day, I have not played there before. I've known the place for a long time and have been wondering how the place looks like.

When we got there, I noticed that it looks old outside, when we got in, it looks neat and so old school. It's like going back to the 90's. I did not know that they have a Family KTV there, they also have billiards, dart boards and a restaurant.

You may go directly to the cashier/information center and ask about their rates. The staff were friendly and are very accommodating .

They have affordable rates too! Their shoe rental is just P 25.00 pesos, but of course due to hygiene purposes, I suggest you bring your socks with you.

They have different rates for the weekend and weekdays, as well as the time of the day. You may choose to play per hour or per game as well.

If you choose to play per game, the rates stated on the poster are for "per head". So that's P65.00 per head per game.

  It was about 7:00 PM when we went there. There was an ongoing tournament .  It was a bit noisy at the time and so we requested to use the right side of the lanes where only a few were playing. They are cheaper than SM's Bowling Center.

 When you are there, you will notice how old the place is, it's not maintained properly, but I kind of like it that way. It's like going back to the 90's. I like the smell. I like the feeling of being there.

Here's a picture of their restaurant, you can order pizza, squid balls and kikiam here. They have beers and a variety of soft drinks and junk food too.

Beside the restaurant are the dart boards, I wasn't able to check though for the rates but it looks fun. Though, I don't exactly know how to play it. =)

And they have the billiards! When I was young, my brother bought a Junior size billiard table. He used the money that he won while betting for Jai-Alai (is the spelling right). I had so much fun playing with my brother. I kind of grew up playing it with him. My brother taught me the techniques. During high school, my best friend - who left for the US and I hang out at billiard bars to play. It was kind of fun. I've met a few friends from different schools playing it.

I did not notice the Karaoke bar when we came, I was in for shock when I saw it as we went out. I did not know they have a ktv there. If I knew, I would have gone there countless times!


They also have a basketball court outside for rent. I am not sure though how much but I will inquire the next time we visit.