Saturday, July 13, 2013

Road Trippin' to Simala, Dalaguete Beach Park and Molave Milk Station

Our friends Jovie and his wifey Pinkle  invited us on a Road Trip to Simala Shrine last Sunday- July 7, 2013. It was a beautiful, sunny morning and certainly a great day for a Road Trip.

We got to Simala around 11 AM. I was amazed how Simala has changed over the past year. It looked so simple before and now, it looks more like a palace. Nevertheless, I enjoyed going through the steps with the station of the cross statues in gold.

We then went inside silently and prayed. Ronald and I are thankful of all the blessing we received. Specially since our last prayer got answered. Thankful that our relationship is now more than a decade and we still feel strongly about each other. Thankful of all the blessings, love, understanding and support given to us by our family and friends. Thankful of the good health and after all that we have been through, we are still together.

With half the day spent, we decided to go to Dalaguete. Pinkle suggested the Dalaguete Beach Park. It's a white sand, public beach located just along the Argao-Dalaguete border. About 2-2.5 hours from Cebu City. I was very surprised seeing the white sands, the beautiful shoreline and the silhouette of Bohol Island not far from where we were. I instantly love it! 

I can just sit here and relax, let time pass and let the view sweep my busy life problems away!  I've always been a beach girl. I just love the white sand, the heat, the water and the wind. I have had a lot of great memories at the beach, it makes me want to stay a little bit longer.

Even though it's a public beach, it is clean and well maintained by the government officials. You can get it in with a minimal fee of Php 20.00 and another Php 20.00 parking fee. Their cottage ranges  from Php 150.00 - 250.00. So it's very affordable! A lot of locals bring their mats with them and just sit on the white sand instead.

A lot of people come on weekends - Sunday, but it should be pretty deserted on weekdays. It's like a hidden beach resort that a lot of people don't know about.  Another destination to visit again soon! Maybe we get to stay overnight and sleep on a tent.

After a dip, we decided to stop by the Molave Milk Station for some carabao's milk and ice cream. Since it's out of the way (other side of the mountain), they decided to take the shortcut from Sibonga-Dumanjug route to get to Barili (where the Molave Milk Station is) instead of going back to Car-car and then take the Barili route.

We were in for a surprise when we we saw a sign saying 74 kilometers, silently I computed the distance. If we are running 50 kilometers per hour, it will take us 1 hour and 20 minutes, more or less to get to Dumanhug. We decided to go ahead with the route since we were already half way.

And then it hit us, the cellphone signal started to keep on disconnecting, on and off and on and off. And the road went from cement, to asphalt and then dirt road. We started to think that we should turn around and go back to Dalaguete. We then became paranoid and started talking about the WRONG TURN movie. The guys started talking about the the kids and a few people walking along the road, they were looking at us, in a weird way and the the sun started to come down, it then started to get darker outside. I said "do we need to turn our t-shirts inside out?" just to clear the tension. We started laughing at our thoughts and started joking around. Ron then said to watch out for the people around us, they may start turning into "mananangals". Haha, we then started to think about the Manilyn Reynes movie "aswang". 

It was one hell of an adventure! After an hour or so, we arrived at Dumanhug, and made our way to Barili. The carabao vanilla ice cream certainly is worth the adventurous ride! Thanks for the great company Jovie and Pinkie for being a great sport! Haha!

We headed back to the City and went to S&R for some dinner and shopping. It's our first time there and we were amazed by the menu and the pizza was so good! Someday, magpapa member din kami! They have very yummy pizza and chicken!

As we headed home another unforeseen incident happened, a forenger (foreigner) suddenly shouted at Ronald for being an ASS! The forenger wanted to overtake us but since we were faster than him, he missed the exit. Of course, Ronald, the hot head and always willing to fight back started shouting back at the forenger! Jovie and Pinkie was in for a SHOCK! For me, it was a constant thing, it's always been like that if Ronald is the driver. Good thing the forgener escaped when he had the chance. I'm sure Ronald will not back down. Specially not to a forenger opponent.

What a day! It was definitely an adventure worth telling! Till next time Jovie and Pinkle!