Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The 3rd of Fireworks Hunting.

Sinulog 2013 was a blast!

I say it was the best Sinulog experience I've had so far, the highlight of my experience was the fireworks in Ayala. I would never miss it for anything in the world! It's been a tradition for me and my husband to go street dancing and then watch Ayala's fireworks for 4 years now and I always feel overwhelmed by the people partying with Red Horse on their hands and see how many people crowd at the Ayala parking lot just to see the fireworks!

As usual, palpak na naman! My husband and I brought our Canon and tripod with us for the fireworks. But when the fireworks started, we realized we didn't bring with us the mount. Haha, so we were not able to shoot good stuff again! We actually thought we came prepared, just like last time.

But as usual, paraparaan na naman just to get the shots we want! Below are a few of the shots we have taken. I hope you guys enjoy it, like you are watching it live!

Credits to Ronald Conde for an amazing job!