Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Addicted to DEKARON Online GAME

Ronald and I have been playing Dekaron for 4 years now. First server we played was EG Dekaron. We played there for almost a year. The name of our Heroes were sophiaIzzz (Incar Magician), Devilgrave (Azure Knight) and jloscrib (Aloken). Our first Max hero is sophiaIzzz and was a member of a guild called YounGunzInc. Most of the players are pinoy but we were particularly close to a group of overseas pinoy workers in Saudi Arabia. I'm a bit proud being on that guild as you can feel the friendship among players and there was never a dull moment, even if one get killed on battles. 

But, something happened. A GM sent sophiaIzz to prison and said that I was using TELE - HACK, that's when I started hating the game. He posted a video with sophiaIzz using a Tele hack. I was heart broken and disappointed as we never tried using any hacking software just to level up. 

They posted the video on YouTube and so I poured my heart out on how i feel about our character being sent to prison and then got banned. I posted a lot of comments, but they deleted it, so I downloaded the said video and posted it myself. We sent a personal message to the head Game Master and told him about my character, they reviewed it and eventually  freed our character. Thank God!

But, it's not the same anymore, me and my husband lost interest. And eventually stopped playing.

After 2 years, me and Ronald got married and got our own place. One night, I was alone at home with nothing to do and got tired of watching sitcoms, I started searching for Dekaron servers and found DEKARON NEMESIS. I downloaded the game and opened a new account, I then named my favorite hero as SophiaIzzz. She is max now with 2 Birth Rights and Max Rebirths. She is now a member of a guild called RED. I started loving the game again and Ronald got addicted.

We started voting online to get Coins, which are free, so we can buy stuffs for our hero. We then started donating, our first donation was $50, in return we got 28k tickets. We were able to buy max weapons and armor, plus rings and gems. SophiaIzzz became a monster, low level characters started calling her mumu or simply Miss Sophia.

It is fun and exciting, it's a level up and a PVP game. It's through the game where I feel strong and that I can be myself around anyone. Because, they never get to see the physical me. I get to joke around and laugh with other characters. I get to be strong and defend my guild members and even other friends from other guilds. I get to KILL unwanted characters and never feel bad about it. I get to be a winner and not a loser.  It boost my confidence a bit.

It's through the game that me and Ronald get along so much. His hero's name is Devilgrave and he is a Knight. I often call him my Knight in shining armor. Haha, parang fairy tale. My friends on the game knows I'm married and that I'm 27. I have friends who are 14, 17, 18 and some are older than me, ages 30 and 35. 

Here's SophiaIzzz while leveling with IDMBoy..

                               Here she is now..