Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The 2nd of Fireworks Hunting

Sinulog 2012 was amazing! Although I was only able to get to the streets around 6:00 PM. Almost everyone are already drunk and the contestants are all sweaty. We decided to wait for Ayala's firework display.

We bunked near the Pioneer bldg in Ayala and waited for 8:00PM schedule fireworks display. A bit excited. We got a new tripod and we are looking forward to getting great shots of the fireworks display.

With nothing to do for two hours, we fondled a few settings on the camera and shot a few pics..

So many people waiting for the fireworks!

And then the fireworks started! I got really paranoid as we were directly below the fireworks! Instead of firework hunting, I started to hold Ron's hand and let him do the hunting! Haha.. With the ooohhhss and aaahhhs you hear from the back ground, I hear shrieks, squeals and howls. Hehe, seems like I am not the only one feeling concerned while seeing a few strands of fireworks fall a few meters behind us with fire on them! Yeah! Freaky, huh?!!.

But Ron just laughed at me started shooting, reassuring me at the same time that all is well. Hehe, he never fails to amuse me. Glad to have him beside me with such a romantic time seeing bright colors above.

Here's a few scraps. Hope you enjoy the  fireworks!

this one I like a hundred times!

so colorful!

so many fireworks that came up at one time!!
the sky is full of 'em!

wishing for a wide angle lens, eh?!

notice how big the fireworks are?! That's means we are truly
just below it..
can't help but feel paranoid again.. hahaha!