Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

This is the first time that I spent New Year with friends. Been spending it with my family for 25 years! It's about time that I experience New Year away. It was fun as our friend Dorothy is celebrating her birthday (January 1). So it's not just a New Year Noche Buena, but a birthday celebration as well.

Dorothy's house has a rooftop, where we setup the party, I was excited knowing we'll be on a rooftop as I would like to shoot some fireworks. This is my first time to shoot one. I am a bit excited and was glad that I was able to borrow a friend's tripod (mine died a month ago). Thanks AL! You're the best!

It was not easy hunting for a firework display when they just come out of nowhere. Shooting fireworks on New Years Eve needed a lot of focus, dedication and patience. Once you have a focus on a certain firework, another one pops up from behind. And they just pop and pop and pop which left me dumbfounded by the lights and sound and a bit frustrated as I need to adjust the tripod and set a few settings on the camera!  PLUS everyone was shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR! It was one HELL of a PHOTO SHOOT for me.. Haha! FUN but frustrating indeed!

I hope you'll enjoy the pictures. It was one hell of a BANG for me as this celebration was a first of everything!

happy happy happy birthday..
sayo ang inoman, sayo ang pulutan..


I consider these 2 photos my FAILED ATTEMPTS

NOT BAD!.. considering that this is my first time

this is the best one yet

and then more failed attempts..

nice one!

this one is my favorite
with Josie and Lester..