Friday, December 2, 2011

Love Birds in Dumaguete

Hi bloggies! Once again, we visited the City of gentle people - Dumaguete! But this time, we were with friends. We just toured around the City, restaurants, shops and places that are popularly visited by locals and tourists.

It's nice to take a stroll down the Rizal Boulevard at dawn or late afternoon. Or just merely watching people jog, street children laughing and playing around. Tricycles and motorcycles rule the City streets. What I love about it is if a person try to cross the street, a true blue DumagueteƱo on a vehicle would stop and let you pass.

Amazin how small things impact your thinking and see everything else on a new perspective. I love seeing women on skirts and heels drive a motorcycle. While going to Bais City, I even saw an old lola, probably around 50-55 years of age drove by on a Honda XRM. Haysstt.. Wish ko lang I will be able to find courage to drive one.

Anyways, Janno and Eden are the love birds I was talking about. I heard they are planning for a wedding (EDEN, is this true?). So we got them to pose for us. ("Di bale na magarasan si Suzuki Thunder, basta okay si camera LOL") It was fun as the two love to pose for the camera.

Janno and Eden, this one's for you lovebirds!

Janno on trying to look good while posing
like the karate kid


tweeeewt twweeeww!!