Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moalboal, Cebu @ 1-1-11

 MOALBOAL @ 1-1-11. It was raining the whole time we were there. But the whole two days experience was still  marvelously fun! Because of the cold, rainy and windy weather, I could never get over the big, medium and small waves hitting the shore line, while it's raining and while we were in the waters laughing our ass out as the waves came. Haha, I could also never get over Efer's smile while jumping up and down as the wave pass him.

This would be my 2nd review of the Moalboal, Basdaku Beach here is Cebu. This is still my most recommended beach line as the room rates are quite affordable and the sand bar is big enough for you to do sun bathing and play volleyball with the barkada. There are also small huts, sari-sari stores, videoke and carinderia which offers cheap accommodation.

As a photography hobbyist, I love taking pictures of the water with the sky and Negros on the other side. On the north side of the beach, you will see rocks on the shore that would enable you to capture it with fast shutter speed like the ones below (ang-ang ky wla man ko nka dala ug tripod):

thanks to google picasa..
this picture looks awesome! =p

I needed to stoop far down to get this angle.. =)

ako gicut ang till ni Arvin.. Samok kaayo.. hehe peace!!! 

 This one is close to perfect picture..
(bhala nag under exposed nasad!)
Ug sa dihang naay paper cup nga ni titi sa tunga.. hay!!

I hope you enjoy the pics on this blog as I did taking them. I hope you also get to experience going to the beach on this weather. It was one hell of a fun! Enjoy!