Monday, December 6, 2010

it's Christmas!

  Me and my friends went to SM for a little get together. Notepad is leaving for Australia.. Hay, I miss her already. We passed by SM City's Christmas Trees at the North Wing and that's when I realized that it's really Christmas. The time of the year when I get to receive my 13th month, year end bonus, free grocery and maybe 4-5K worth of Gift Certs!! Wooot wooott!..

 The time of the year when friends and family get together and celebrate Christ's birthday together. I love putting up decorations on our Christmas tree and lights every where, cooking a few hours before the clock strikes 12:00AM and singing Christmas carols.
 The Christmas Tress at the mall were so big, but what got my attention was the angles on the Christmas Trees and a few hanging around and above the trees. Thanks to my zoom lens! And thanks to google picasa!! :D

Here are a few scraps I have taken, Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy! :)