Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Night Shots

I invited Ronald to go to the New Mandaue-Lapu-Lapu Bridge Park (Lapu-Lapu side of the bridge) last Saturday night to take pictures of the old bridge. I like the LLP side better since there is a barangay outpost and it looks like they have really took care of the place. I have not been to the Mandaue side for, I think 5-6 years now.

We then went to South Reclamation Area Post where you can see the Crown Regency Hotel and half of the Reclamation. We were only able to get a few pictures since we already got there around 7:35 PM and at exactly 8:00 PM SRP police came by and said that we need to leave.

Here are a few scraps I have taken, I really hope  you guys like it, cheers!

 a lonesome man
When we arrived at the location, this guy on the pic
was sitting there alone, I figured he would get up and walk
back to this friends sitting at the back.. But all he did was stare
down, watching the still water..
After almost 30 mins, we did stand up..
But he continued staring out in to the water.
I figured, this man must have been having his moments right now
and decided to capture the moment.

 Mactan Bridge

 South Reclamation Area