Monday, September 6, 2010

Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort

I just spent the weekend with my friends from ISD at this resort. So nice, very accommodating. The place is a very good location to relax and unwind. It is about 2 hours South of Cebu. It also has a scenic view of the ocean and the island of Bohol. 

This is the 2nd time I've visited Dakong Bato. We came here to celebrates TL Ian's birthday. Although he claims that his birthday is next month, but it was fun fun fun for all of us.

I was not able to bring my camera (looooser!) since I left my charger back from my last trip at Don Carlos, Bukidnon - Arvinoid's home. His mom sent it via LBC and it is suppose to arrive last Saturday but we don't have time, we need to leave for the trip. Huhuhu.. I miss my camera so much that I borrowed Arvin's cam (without him knowing, heehaw!) and got a few shots to use for this post.

The pool's temperature is so warm since water flows from the Jacuzzi to the pool (this is the only reason I can think of as to why the water is lukewarm). Since the site at the time is not accessible, I talked to the caretaker and she gave me the following rates:

air conditioned rooms:

P 4,500  - good for 8 pax, can accommodate up to 15 pax
              - 3 pax for 250 per each
              - remaining 4 pax can stay for free
P 3,500 - good for 6 pax
P 3,000 - good for 4 pax 

P 3,000 - good for 4 pax
P 2,800 - good for 3 pax
P 2,500 - good for 2 pax, can accommodate up to 6 pax

P 250 per excess

non air conditioned:
P 1,000 - good for 2 pax, can accommodate up to 4 pax
             - P 150 per excess

 These are the shots I have taken from arvin's cam, hope you all like it. Cheers!

1st pool

2nd pool

rooms near the 2nd pool

These are the rooms just above the 1st pool

you can get a very relaxing view of the pool, the
ocean and the island of Bohol from this wooden bench
I spent a few hours sitting here, just watching the scenic view..

Ooooh, I would love to visit this place again. I specifically love to sit on that bench as I feel so calm and at peace while sitting there. I could spend more than an hour just being lazy or while reading a book on that bench. So nice!

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