Friday, June 25, 2010

Mantigue Island

  Our last destination - on our 3rd / last  day in Camiguin is Mantigue Island. It is a very small island. My cousin said that the Island is also known as Magsaysay Island and is about 2 hectares. 

  To reach this place you can rent a boat for P450.00 - 500.00 good for 6 pax or if you have kids with you, they will allow 6-7 pax. It is a 15-20 min boat ride from Brgy San Roque, Mahinog to the Island.

   Visiting the island is a releaver for STRESS for me. A getaway from the City. It's not like any other beach or white islands where a lot of people really go. It's worth the visit if you want to just sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

  My cousins told me that before, when they go to this Island, they don't have to pay anything, they can even stay over night and rent a cottage, but right now, there is already an entrance fee of P20.00 per head. And you can only stay for 4 hours, if you stay more than that, you will be charged for another fee per hour. And the island is only open until 5:00 PM. I am not sure though if you can stay overnight, but I don't think they will allow it.

 Before, they can swim anywhere but now, you have to make sure that you are on the swimming area or else you have to pay the penalties.  This is really a big change for the locals. Since it is now a bit expensive, some locals won't be able to just visit the place anymore.  Hope they will change the rules a bit.

All these changes happened when they made Mantigue Island a fish sanctuary or a marine reserve and a tourist destination. Some of the families living there were even asked to move out so that they can make the Island a tourist hot spot.

*coordinates from google earth: N 9° 10' 35'' E 124° 49' 32''  9.17639 / 124.82556 - GeoNameId : 1703766

View of Mantigue from  Mahinog - Camiguin

P450.00 from Mahinog to Mantigue (back and forth)

need to follow the rules..
if not, you pay the penalty!!


shells for your eyes only..