Thursday, January 28, 2010

Durhan White Beach Resort

  Durhan White Beach Resort is located at Tabunok, Tabuelan, Cebu. To get there, you can ride a v-hire or bus  from North Bus Terminal to Tabuelan proper. The ride will take about 2.5 to 3 hours.

 I love the place, me and my friends are planning to visit the resort again soon, probably next month. We will definitely bring with us a SKIM BOARD. Haha! That's the plan!.

What I like about the resort is the people running it is very accommodating, the rooms are cozy and warm. A typical provincial air, nice place to stay and relax on the beach front. They have a restaurant ala sari-sari that offers a variety of goods. You can also rent their videoke machine for P 1,200.00 or pay P 5.00 each song. And for those who just cannot leave their work behind, they have wifi available at the restaurant.

 And of course I brought my SLR with me..  I enjoyed exchanging picture taking experiences as my friends Crissette, Joman and Ian   also brought with them their cam.. It was like a partey while taking shots!.. I love it!.. (sorry sa hindi nka sama.. C: )

 Pics below are some of the shots Ive taken, enjoy!

hehe, my friend took this pic and the one below.. love it!..

Love this pic too.. Evidence!!!

a friend told me this pic is under exposed!.. k lang.. maganda naman tignan.. hehe

these are air conditioned rooms..

This is the inside of the restaurant ala sari-sari.. The Durhans, they are very accomodating!..

waahh!! i think under exposed nasad??

love the sand bar..

love the blue sky!

This is one of the cottages that you can rent for P 500.00

This is the walk way to the restaurant ala sari-sari.

it was mid-day when I took this pic

BJ are you okay??.. nag mumuni-muni?..

Nice imo mga shots tl??

THE TREE!!  Tag-ana kinsa nang naa sa ubos sa tree..

Hey TL!! Hinay hinay lang ha.. unsaon na lang..  haha..

Hope you guys enjoy the pics.. I definitely recommend Durhan White Beach Resort to everyone I know...  Ill be visiting the place again soon!!
By the way guys, here are the room rates:

Room Rates
Airconditioned Rooms - Standard (good for 6) PHP 1,500.00
Airconditioned Rooms - Deluxe PHP 1,200.00 / PHP 1,500.00
Resthouse non-aircon - (good for 12) PHP 2,500.00
Resthouse non-aircon - (good for 8) PHP 2,000.00
Open Cottages - (kubo) PHP 500.00 / PHP 600.00
Php 10.00 / head -Entrance Fee
Php 200.00 / head -Excess for Aircon Rooms
Php 100.00 / head -Excess for Non-Aircon Rooms


Monday, January 18, 2010

Sinulog 2010 piCtuRes!.


  I was a little sad because I was not able to join the photo contest. It was my fault. It took me a lot of time convincing myself that if I join the contest, it should not matter if I win or not. What matter is that I did what I love to do and enjoy every second of it.

  But hahays! I was told that the entries are full.. Better luck next time.

  But still, I'm happy because I was able to take pictures of the Sinulog 2010. Me and my friends Crissette was lucky to get in the parade without the ID!! Haha!! It was one of the happiest moment I've had in a long time.  I got the pictures near Mango Square old building. Hope you guys enjoy my pics! I really had a wonderful time taking them. Enjoy!