Monday, December 28, 2009

pHotoGRaPhs fRom MoaLBoaL BeAcH!


Moalboal is located 89 kilometers South from Cebu City, about 2.5 hours by bus. It is also bordered to the west by the Tañon Strait. From the western shoreline, the island of Negros can be seen. Moalboal is known for their white sand beaches and diving spots. It is also divided into two beach lines, BASDAKU (long white beach line) AND BASDIOT (small white beach line). The shoreline is about 4 km from the town center.

I have been to this place countless times. Diving is one of the popular activities, locals said that most poplar diving spot is the one near Pescador Island where the structure of the whole reef is ideal for snorkeling and free diving since the reef is close to shore.

From Cebu City South Bus Terminal, you can ride a Hus which would cost around P 150.00 and stop at Moalboal's town center, from there, you can ride a tricycle which would cost P25.00 per head. That is affordable considering that the shoreline is about 47 km away or 10 minute ride.

Overnight cottages range from P 800.00 to 3,500 per night. But if your low on budget you can setup tent and start a camp fire.

Moalboal is a nice place to stay and unwind. It is certainly one of the places in Cebu that I would recommend to tourists. ENJOY!