Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sardine Run at Panagsama

My afternoon with the sardines were the best one yet! 

To get to Moalboal, you can ride a bus from the South Bus Terminal which leaves every 30 minutes. Then ride a Tricycle to Panagsama Beach or to Basdaku.

Via Panagsama Beach, you don't need to hire a boat to get to the Sardine Run. You just need to go to the beach, the sardines are just near the shoreline. I suggest you rent a life vest and  snorkeling gear if you don't have one to get the best experience. You will see different types of fishes like the clown fish. You will also get a chance to meet the turtles in the area which are human friendly. I can say that they have a lot of human experience, they are not afraid if you get near them.

Via Basdaku, you will have to hire a boat for island hopping and one of the itinerary is the Sardine Run.